Earning an MRI Degree in California

One of the latest innovations in health care equipments is the magnetic resonance imaging machine or known as MRI machine. This machine makes use of magnetism in order to get detailed images of an organ or tissue also useful for tendons and on the nervous system as well. The person who operates the MRI machine is called an MRI technician. The need for competent MRI technicians is still high. Health careers are sought after because of high job demand, abundance of schools offering health tech courses and salary. The average mri tech pay as of 2009 was between $50k and $55k. Though having a career in the health care industry is the best job that can give security still many people are not into it since you will be required to work on odd hours.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging technicians needs to know how to handle and deal with different kinds of patients. It is important for them to know what they should do before the procedure. Not all patients are familiar about an MRI procedure and even though their doctor’s have already explained to them about the procedure they still may have the tendency to be nervous, to panic and surely they will ask tons of questions to you. The role of the MRI technician comes in especially in this kind of scenario. The MRI technician must carefully answer all the questions in the simplest and common terms for the patient to understand. MRI technicians may also deal with patients who are claustrophobic so with this they should be there with the patient during the entire procedure. With this, the patient will not feel that they are neglected. An MRI technician is in charge for sustaining a secure environment for the patients. To give comfort they should make sure that the patient is positioned well.

Being an MRI technician is a worthwhile experience. If you are aspiring to be one, here are some steps that you need to follow to become one. First is to have an MRI technician education. A college preparation usually takes two years for one to have a degree from a school or college accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education. Being in an accredited school will surely equip you with all the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful MRI technician. These schools offer classes in radiation, anatomy and importantly radiology procedures and patient care.

After you have acquired an Associate Degree, a person is given the choice to have further education and training as an MRI technician. It is also important for one to have a certification from the American Registry of Radiology. A certification will surely give you a greater chance of having a job as an MRI technician. Once you are certified you are required to attend continuing educational for every two years to keep your certificate. Having a continuing education will keep you updated on all the latest studies and methods.

When you are a graduate from the State of California and you wanted to take a career as an MRI technician, the following schools will surely prepare you with all the skills and knowledge that you greatly need in becoming a successful MRI technician.

The California State University Northridge offers a program that can let the students obtain a Bachelor of Science degree. Students are taught on different procedures which include CT scans and cardiovascular imaging. They are also required to take subjects like anatomy and physiology, use of equipments and proper patient positioning. California State University Northridge is located at 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, California. To get some more detailed information just visit their website www.csun.edu.

One of the best radiologic schools in California is Pasadena City College. This college offers an Associate degree program and prepares the students for the licensure and certification examination. Students are required to finish a 2 year program having a full time schedule. Included in their program are subjects on anatomy and positioning, radiologic procedures and the principles behind radiographic imaging. Pasadena City College is located at 1570 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, California. Call the school at 626-585-123 or you may also visit their website at www.pasadena.edu.

Foothill College located at 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills, California offers a program which takes 22 months to complete in including classroom and clinical experiences. The students are taught on the different fundamentals of radiologic technology and imaging. You can get more information on the schools website which is www.foothill.edu or you may call them at 650-949-7777.

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