Dental Assistant

A great career choice for anyone looking to make a good living with minimal schooling may be that of a dental assistant. The name or title of the position says it all! If you are curious as to what tasks you may be tending to as a dental assistant, they are as follows:

  • Recording findings that the dentist may find during a cleaning or procedure
  • Clean and sanitize tools between patients
  • Handing tools to Dentist
  • Keeping patients (especially young ones) at ease

This list above is just a basic list and  the job description of a dental assistant will vary from dentist office to office. Yes you will need schooling to obtain a job as a technician but, you will also receive on the job training once you are hired by an office. Every doctor operates their own office in the way that they see fit, and will teach you the tricks of the trade they have learned over theirs of experience. This can be a little tedious but is definately the best way to go about learning more than a school program can teach you.

How much can you expect to make as a dental assistant? Well the average dental assistant salary for a trade school graduate is between 33,000 and 40,000 per year. Your skill level and any internships you may have taken during your school years will help determine your starting technician salary. So you can see that you can really make a good living with only a couple years of schooling under your belt.

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