Career Oppurtunities for Pharmacy Techs

The work of a pharmacy technician entails working hand in hand with a licensed pharmacist. They assist in preparing prescription medications for patients and at the same time provide top class customer service. Some technicians are also assigned to do administrative duties. It really depends on the facility that they work for. In general, they are in-charge of receiving prescription requests, counting tablets and labeling bottles. Although pharmacy aides have similar assignments as that of a pharmacy technician, their job description is still different. Aides are the ones who answer phone calls, refill shelves with medication supplies and act as cahiers. However, there are facilities that do not hire aides. That’s why pharmacy technicians may also execute the said activities.

The responsibilities of a pharmacy technician also depend on the state rules and regulations. There are various ways in which they can receive the prescription requests from patients. Some states practice sending these prescriptions electronically while others do it by phone. Either way, it is a pharmacy technician’s job to check that the information they received is complete and correct. Preparing a certain medication includes counting, pouring, measuring and weighing it. That is why pharmacy technicians should be very particular with details as there is no room for errors in this particular task. For more examples of Walgreens products, sales, discounts, feedback and more visit and scan the site for ever changing products.

After this procedure, they are assigned to put the proper labels on the medication. Choosing the right kind of container for each drug or medicine is also very important. When they’re done filling up the prescription, they determine the price and file it for checking. A pharmacist will determine if the medication is ready to be given to a patient. Aside from the preparation of medications, a pharmacy technician keeps a record of the patients’ profiles. However, they always ask for the assistance of a pharmacist when it comes to answering queries about drugs and health issues.

Finding a job after one completes their training is what concerns most people in this field.  However, there are thousands of places one can work.  Establishments such Walgreens and CVS pharmacies have hundreds of locations throughout the United States, and many locations are looking for reliable properly trained workers.  Wagcares about those it hires and wants to ensure anyone who works for their pharmacy will be working for them for years.  The work environment at Walgreens is professional and offers a high paying career.

Pharmacy technicians are highly trained to work in different settings other than chain pharmacys like Walgreens. They can be hired in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living establishments. Although working in such facilities means that they are also given more assignments and tasks. They are trained to prepare sterile solutions and bring medications to nurses and doctors. It is also their responsibility to record the information regarding the prescribed drugs and medicines onto a patient’s data. They should keep this data updated with all the latest development that concerns the patient’s medication.

Since these technicians work in a clean and well-organized area, they are expected to strictly observe proper sanitation rules that are established by the facility. Any career that is involved in the medical industry is expected to abide by such regulations to prevent any harmful and infectious disease from spreading. Pharmacy technicians are often seen walking or running about the facility. They are always at their feet, lifting heavy boxes or stocking supplies on shelves. They work schedule is very flexible and ever changing. To be a successful pharmacy technician, one must be comfortable working in shifting hours. And it is most likely that they will be asked to report for work even if it is a holiday or a weekend.

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