A Look into Medical Diagnostic Sonography

Many people are familiar with the word ultrasound because we can hear this
word many times especially from doctors or nurses. For those who do not know what
sonography is, this article may help you out in discovering the world of sonography. Sonography
or also called as ultrasound scanning or imaging that makes use of sound waves to produce
visual images of the organs, tissues and etc.

The image can present the movement of blood or the organs and also the structures of it as well. Before sonograms create images that are flat but
with the advanced technology that we have now today there are 3D and 4D pictures available. A
sonogram works when the sound waves bounce off an object. These waves are then measured
to produce an image and movement of the object that the waves have struck. The waves were
produced by a transducer. This transducer is then placed near the skin. So when waves return it
then creates an image of the organ or tissue. A sonogram is very useful in examining the heart,
blood vessels, fetus in pregnant women, bladder and the rest of the organs. There are also
specializations for sonography. If a person wants to be a sonographer that deals only with the
abdomen then you can specialize on abdominal sonography. Those who specialize on blood
vessels they are called vascular sonographer’s.

What do a person needs to accomplish before becoming a sonographer?
Sonography education is good for those who have a high school diploma or high school
education. A high school education is needed to those who wanted to be a sonographer
because in high school subjects like biology, anatomy and physics are being taught and is a
preparatory for a sonography course. Next step, one needs to undergo a sonography course in
sonography schools. Sonography schools offer vocational, associate and baccalaureate degrees.
Vocational and associate degrees are usually completed after two years while a baccalaureate
degree for four years. Sonography schools include programs and courses in ethics, patient care,
physiology and a lot more. Licensure is not required but having a certification will prove that a
person is proficient and has the skills needed. Certified sonographer’s can focus in specific areas
and specialize on it. They can choose from vascular sonography to obstetric and gynecologic
sonography. These are the steps for a person to be a certified sonographer. A sonographer
works in hospitals, ob\gyne clinis or private clinics. The average work of sonographer’s is 40
hours a week. If one wants to earn more, then overtime hours are available.

How much monetary compensation does one need to expect? Sonographer’s
may have a salary that is enough for them. Sonographer salary is dependent on certain factors.
If a person is a specialized sonographer then he is paid more compared to a general
sonographer. Salary also depends on the location of the work and the work experiences. First
timers should expect a salary around $22 per hour while those having more work experience
can earn up to $35 per hour.

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