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If you have ever been to Canes chicken, you know that it’s very similar to many of the other places that sell chicken like KFC, Church’s and in a way Chic-Fil-A. The chicken fingers are fried and the fries are really tasty. If you live in a college area where Raising Cane’s is opening within the next few months, you should go visit and give them a try.

Remember that after you eat the food you can always take the survey and let the company know what the deal is. Should they make their chicken better? Of course not. How about the staff, were they friendly? Provide them with some details so they know how to improve the place.

Remember that the survey you provide will not be shared with other people and is used for the sole purpose of getting your feedback.

Also don;t foget to use your Cane’s card to get points which will eventually score you some food or some gear. Have fun and eat more chicken!

Phlebotomy Technician Training for Todays Job Market

Few decades ago, blood-letting was performed by medical doctors so as to create a new source of blood, creating greater health and an enhanced recuperation speed. For those people who are already doing are health experts, undertaking phlebotomy teaching programs will be the simplest way to increase your proficiency in addition to salary.

A phlebotomist should be capable of keeping their sufferers through getting fidgety as well as worried, to encourage the procedure to go on smoothly. Phlebotomy specialists require well thought of skills in interviewing women and men, getting vital signs for instance blood pressure and also using electrically driven BP gauging products.

The type involving phlebotomist institution you decide on must be identified by the proper authorities to facilitate training. Choosing to require a new phlebotomy class over the web lets you learn at the own speed – so that you aren’t forced to blend the desired studying into long speeches.

You can readily break the training process into smaller periods and focus more concentrate on each part. Gaining supplemental expertise and experience as part of your neighborhood of phlebotomy will surely open your doorways so as to greater heights and also guaranteeing career chances.

Phlebotomy schools are necessary for start a career as a general phlebotomist as it will also help you understand phlebotomy much better and prepares you to the certification exam. Most educational institutes want their students to undertake at the least 1000 hours involving work experience and complete the exact certification test previous to they make application for any phlebotomy job.

Certification for phlebotomists is just not required by just about all says, but individual companies may and do need a phlebotomy technician prove successful completion involving any college path. Locate a higher education or program that is accredited by numerous of the pursuing agencies: American Association of Specialized health care Pathologists, U. S Association of Professional medical Personnel and Nationwide Credentialing Company.

A profession in a very good allied health field is usually rewarding, both emotionally in addition to financially. It can on top of that be quite demanding in addition to challenging, but never monotonous. Phlebotomy, or the study of drawing bloodstream, is amongst your allied health fields that are seeking new applicants regarding programs, and jobs can be purchased in several clinical adjustments.

You will need to consider science and instructional math courses in senior high school to prepare for phlebotomy pc specialist training. Once you’re enrolled in an application you may study anatomy and physiology, mobile and blood composition, clinical methods and also safety, and also methods for drawing blood. You will require for being very conscious of safety while you are working, as you will possibly enter into contact ever so often with infected blood or it could be other contagious illnesses.

A number on the courses for phlebotomist training is usually taken through an on the net college, but you will probably need to basically practice drawing bloodstream, learning to stain clinical slides and also do tiny studies, as well as alternative methods of blood sampling including heel sticks for children and capillary bloodstream draws.

Employment opportunities should you have completed phlebotomy technician training use in a doctor’s office or it could be clinic, emergency room work, staff phlebotomist in a new hospital laboratory, as well as various private laboratories in addition to blood banks. This can be a field that can be rising and trained phlebotomists will likely be in demand. Read More

Career Oppurtunities for Pharmacy Techs

The work of a pharmacy technician entails working hand in hand with a licensed pharmacist. They assist in preparing prescription medications for patients and at the same time provide top class customer service. Some technicians are also assigned to do administrative duties. It really depends on the facility that they work for. In general, they are in-charge of receiving prescription requests, counting tablets and labeling bottles. Although pharmacy aides have similar assignments as that of a pharmacy technician, their job description is still different. Aides are the ones who answer phone calls, refill shelves with medication supplies and act as cahiers. However, there are facilities that do not hire aides. That’s why pharmacy technicians may also execute the said activities.

The responsibilities of a pharmacy technician also depend on the state rules and regulations. There are various ways in which they can receive the prescription requests from patients. Some states practice sending these prescriptions electronically while others do it by phone. Either way, it is a pharmacy technician’s job to check that the information they received is complete and correct. Preparing a certain medication includes counting, pouring, measuring and weighing it. That is why pharmacy technicians should be very particular with details as there is no room for errors in this particular task. For more examples of Walgreens products, sales, discounts, feedback and more visit www.wagexperience.com and scan the site for ever changing products.

After this procedure, they are assigned to put the proper labels on the medication. Choosing the right kind of container for each drug or medicine is also very important. When they’re done filling up the prescription, they determine the price and file it for checking. A pharmacist will determine if the medication is ready to be given to a patient. Aside from the preparation of medications, a pharmacy technician keeps a record of the patients’ profiles. However, they always ask for the assistance of a pharmacist when it comes to answering queries about drugs and health issues.

Finding a job after one completes their training is what concerns most people in this field.  However, there are thousands of places one can work.  Establishments such Walgreens and CVS pharmacies have hundreds of locations throughout the United States, and many locations are looking for reliable properly trained workers.  Wagcares about those it hires and wants to ensure anyone who works for their pharmacy will be working for them for years.  The work environment at Walgreens is professional and offers a high paying career.

Pharmacy technicians are highly trained to work in different settings other than chain pharmacys like Walgreens. They can be hired in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living establishments. Although working in such facilities means that they are also given more assignments and tasks. They are trained to prepare sterile solutions and bring medications to nurses and doctors. It is also their responsibility to record the information regarding the prescribed drugs and medicines onto a patient’s data. They should keep this data updated with all the latest development that concerns the patient’s medication.

Since these technicians work in a clean and well-organized area, they are expected to strictly observe proper sanitation rules that are established by the facility. Any career that is involved in the medical industry is expected to abide by such regulations to prevent any harmful and infectious disease from spreading. Pharmacy technicians are often seen walking or running about the facility. They are always at their feet, lifting heavy boxes or stocking supplies on shelves. They work schedule is very flexible and ever changing. To be a successful pharmacy technician, one must be comfortable working in shifting hours. And it is most likely that they will be asked to report for work even if it is a holiday or a weekend.

Becoming a HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians are responsible for climate control, namely heating, ventilation and air conditioning in a home or in a certain environment. They are relied upon by homeowners and even businesses to give their indoor environment the best and most comfortable conditions to be in, and this type of service isn’t just meant for customers, it can also be for their equipment. HVAC job description also includes installment, maintenance and repairing of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, HVAC Technicians can even specialize in one or more of these areas.

Be prepared financially for the training courses and exam fees, you also need to be free of your time in completing your HVAC training and qualifications.

Finding a HVAC School that Works

To become a successful HVAC technician you need to pass the certification exams, and all the knowledge you need in passing is provided in a HVAC school. Which is why choosing the right school is essential in becoming a fully authorized HVAC technician. HVAC training schools in Jacksonville Florida are just one fine example of accredited technical schools that can get your career jump started.

Being enrolled in a school you find fitting for your standards and comfort can mean success in the program, so do your research on finding the right school. You can use the internet to search for a list of HVAC training schools and carefully look into each of the schools backgrounds.

Before even enrolling in any HVAC school, be sure that the school is seen by the HVAC community seriously. And that the classes you are about to enroll in are determined after being observed and picked over, planning like this can save a lot of your time and cash.

You can choose if whether or not you want your class to be on campus, online classes are convenient for those who are particularly busy or for those who at the meantime already have a job. If you have a lot of times in your hands, having your classes on campus is best but just be certain on the schedule you have set.

A breakdown of HVAC Training is simple. Undergoing HVAC training will add up to your experience being a HVAC Technician, so it is only natural to enroll as an intern to any local HVAC technician. Apprenticeship usually lasts for 6 to 24 months, allowing you to do more hands-on development of your skills.

Getting the Final HVAC Certification Test

After going through apprenticeship, you are obliged to take and pass the final HVAC certification test before you can apply for your license as a HVAC Technician from the state. The test is done in person or in other cases, online.

Truth about HVAC Salary

Employment of HVAC technicians according to U.S. Bureau was expected to raise somewhere around 28% from 2008 through 2018, and the HVAC salary is around $14.94 – $24.84 an hour, and an annual salary of $41,100. Those who work in cities and or for the government get a higher pay than those who don’t.

Medical Assistant Careers

A common dream most children have is to become a doctor or nurse. However, not everyone grows up to become a doctor or a nurse because these professions need a lot of serious and laborious years of study and commitment. They may also be really costly. That is why only a few fulfill their dreams of becoming a medical doctor or a registered nurse. In spite of this, you can still pursue your ambition of working in a medical field by being a medical assistant.

Different types of medical assistant careers are available for you to choose from. You could work as a technician, especially that technology have already become a huge part of medicine nowadays and the need for experts to work with technology is rapidly increasing. Some variables that one should consider when looking for job placement in this field is the average medical assistant salary, the job demand as well as requirements in education and experience.

You can also become a nurses’ assistant if you want to work at the patient’s bedside. This is an opportunity for you to personally help and care for the sick in the clinical setup. Another duty of medical assistants would be to perform administrative responsibilities such as keeping medical documents safe and scheduling appointments. Medical assistants may specialize in optometry, ophthalmic, or podiatrist competencies, or they could continue with general practice in general medical and surgical hospitals.

Strong organizational skills are essential for the job because medical assistants often serve as a link between patients and medical personnel whether assigned at the clinical area or the physician’s office. Effective communication skills are also very necessary. However, skills are not enough. You have to be qualified and competent to become a medical assistant through completing medical assistant trainings. These are educational programs that last for a year or two, which culminate in a certificate or associate’s degree. Courses include physiology, medical terminology, keyboarding, anatomy,transcription, accounting,record keeping, and insurance processing. Lab techniques, pharmaceutical principles, clinical and diagnostic procedures, administration of medications, and first aid are also learned. The students also study office procedures, patient relations, medical law, and ethics.

Medical assisting programs, are offered in several medical assistant schools such as vocational-technical high schools, post-secondary vocational schools, community colleges, and junior colleges. Some even offer online training courses. Post-secondary programs that last for one year result in a certificate or a diploma, and those that last for two years result in an associate degree. Some of the top medical assistant schools include Vista College El Paso, Newbridge College, Intellitec Medical Institute, Intellitec Colleges, Lincoln College of Technology, Heritage College, Kaplan University, West Virginia Junior College, Ohio Valley College of Technology, and Illinois School of Health Careers.

Medical assistants’ salary typically vary, depending on their experience, skill level, and location. In May 2008, the median annual wages of medical assistants amounted to $28,300. The lowest annual salary earned is less than $20,600. On the other hand, state government facilities were the highest paying employer with medical assistants earning annual mean wages of $39,570.

Earning an MRI Degree in California

One of the latest innovations in health care equipments is the magnetic resonance imaging machine or known as MRI machine. This machine makes use of magnetism in order to get detailed images of an organ or tissue also useful for tendons and on the nervous system as well. The person who operates the MRI machine is called an MRI technician. The need for competent MRI technicians is still high. Health careers are sought after because of high job demand, abundance of schools offering health tech courses and salary. The average mri tech pay as of 2009 was between $50k and $55k. Though having a career in the health care industry is the best job that can give security still many people are not into it since you will be required to work on odd hours.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging technicians needs to know how to handle and deal with different kinds of patients. It is important for them to know what they should do before the procedure. Not all patients are familiar about an MRI procedure and even though their doctor’s have already explained to them about the procedure they still may have the tendency to be nervous, to panic and surely they will ask tons of questions to you. The role of the MRI technician comes in especially in this kind of scenario. The MRI technician must carefully answer all the questions in the simplest and common terms for the patient to understand. MRI technicians may also deal with patients who are claustrophobic so with this they should be there with the patient during the entire procedure. With this, the patient will not feel that they are neglected. An MRI technician is in charge for sustaining a secure environment for the patients. To give comfort they should make sure that the patient is positioned well.

Being an MRI technician is a worthwhile experience. If you are aspiring to be one, here are some steps that you need to follow to become one. First is to have an MRI technician education. A college preparation usually takes two years for one to have a degree from a school or college accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education. Being in an accredited school will surely equip you with all the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful MRI technician. These schools offer classes in radiation, anatomy and importantly radiology procedures and patient care.

After you have acquired an Associate Degree, a person is given the choice to have further education and training as an MRI technician. It is also important for one to have a certification from the American Registry of Radiology. A certification will surely give you a greater chance of having a job as an MRI technician. Once you are certified you are required to attend continuing educational for every two years to keep your certificate. Having a continuing education will keep you updated on all the latest studies and methods.

When you are a graduate from the State of California and you wanted to take a career as an MRI technician, the following schools will surely prepare you with all the skills and knowledge that you greatly need in becoming a successful MRI technician.

The California State University Northridge offers a program that can let the students obtain a Bachelor of Science degree. Students are taught on different procedures which include CT scans and cardiovascular imaging. They are also required to take subjects like anatomy and physiology, use of equipments and proper patient positioning. California State University Northridge is located at 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, California. To get some more detailed information just visit their website www.csun.edu.

One of the best radiologic schools in California is Pasadena City College. This college offers an Associate degree program and prepares the students for the licensure and certification examination. Students are required to finish a 2 year program having a full time schedule. Included in their program are subjects on anatomy and positioning, radiologic procedures and the principles behind radiographic imaging. Pasadena City College is located at 1570 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, California. Call the school at 626-585-123 or you may also visit their website at www.pasadena.edu.

Foothill College located at 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills, California offers a program which takes 22 months to complete in including classroom and clinical experiences. The students are taught on the different fundamentals of radiologic technology and imaging. You can get more information on the schools website which is www.foothill.edu or you may call them at 650-949-7777.

Technical Education or Traditional College Education?

Career schools have been tagged by many different names. They may be called as a career college, trade school, technical school or vocational school. technical education What it is, a career school is an institution that helps prepare the students for work in a specific job may it be as a medical technician, dental assistant, ultrasound technician, hvac technician, hair dresser and so on. Thus, this career schools would differ accordingly such as in medical diagnostics sector, may it be online schooling or the traditional one, or in the business sector. Career school offers a job-specific coursework and trainings and is coupled with internships. A career school may either be a secondary or post secondary institution. They can be a private school or public school. Also, these trade school courses can lead you to prosperity.

Students at a four year college have a wider access on research materials through libraries. The faculties of a traditional four year college hold advanced degrees that can assure you that you will be equipped with the right knowledge and skills. Students may also have the opportunity to join in professional groups and other campus activities that can improve their knowledge and skills that are not taught in the typical classroom setting. When it comes to the cost or the tuition fee, a two year technical college is surely less expensive. But students at a four year institution may be able to receive financial aids and grants. Students thinking different kinds of colleges should weigh all the options first and consider what matters most when deciding on what kind of college to attend to.

Technical education has been in existence for so many years and is considered as a popular form of training. Technical education also refers to learning about a specific field with hands on experiences.  A career guide may help make your next career choice a bit easier. When a person thinks of engaging in a technical education, they learn everything to those people who also does what they teach. Having an overview in this careers, dialysis technical, medical or in business, specifically is necessary as well.

When comparing a technical school to a more traditional institution of learning like colleges, technical education is more specific to a certain field. College is much broader in scope and concentrates more on theory. The basic idea in this form of education is to teach you on how to learn. And learning still continues until you get out college and start to work independently. With a technical education, one learns from a person who is a master in the said field. Technical schools also offer apprenticeship. When one is done with the training, they will be able to be ready to do the task needed to be done. One can go right to work even without any additional training.

The benefits of a technical education are huge for future employers. A lot of companies have
spent a great deal of their money training for their new employees. Then, a lot of time the people will just quit and left the company hanging. Then the companies are also forced to start all over again in looking for new employees. It is also a never ending cycle that will cost them a large amount of money and time.

With programs in the medical sector on a fast increase, pursuing an education in any one of the many medical technical career fields is a way to provide job security, excellent pay and an exciting career. Pursuing a health career as a medical assistant or even a dental assistant offers a wide variety of educational and training options. As well as to pursuing MRI career would be a part of this sector.

Medical tech careers, medical therapy careers, and technician careers are rewarding in more ways than just a paycheck and a steady job, they are also rewarding than the fact that you know that you’re helping people who can often times not help themselves. We can name a few of those therapist such as in respiratory therapy.

Choosing any career in the medical field is often times a wise decision. Moreover, with RN’s and nursing aides being taught in hospitals how to perform basic EKG technician practices, job opportunities for medical lab technicians who only specializes in the EKG field may have fewer job opportunities.

In the past, technical education comes with it as a negative thing since it is greatly associated with the lower class of the social scale. The industries in the practice are more on manual laborers like electricians, welders and etc. A lot also stayed away from this kind of training simply because of the reputation that is associated with it. In today’s changes in the economy, technical education has now been accepted in many new industries. Many types of businesses are in demand in a much more specialized work. With the way the economy starts changing, people having a generalized knowledge are phased out with the highly specialized skills.

In a lot of cases, this will result in a higher level of starting pay for new employees. The companies that hires feel more comfortable about giving a salary when they know they cannot handle the work. One great thing when it comes to technical education is a job placement. Some technical schools offer job placement right after they graduate. They have a lot of relationships with employers and the employers must know what they will get in the new graduates.

Technical education is really a great way to get a good start on your career. One can also focus on the skills that you need in doing the job that you really wanted to do. If one wants to be on a fast track to have a great career, a technical education may be the way to go. One no longer has to waste years of lifelong theory. One can get started learning what they need to know in order to succeed.

A Look into Medical Diagnostic Sonography

Many people are familiar with the word ultrasound because we can hear this
word many times especially from doctors or nurses. For those who do not know what
sonography is, this article may help you out in discovering the world of sonography. Sonography
or also called as ultrasound scanning or imaging that makes use of sound waves to produce
visual images of the organs, tissues and etc.

The image can present the movement of blood or the organs and also the structures of it as well. Before sonograms create images that are flat but
with the advanced technology that we have now today there are 3D and 4D pictures available. A
sonogram works when the sound waves bounce off an object. These waves are then measured
to produce an image and movement of the object that the waves have struck. The waves were
produced by a transducer. This transducer is then placed near the skin. So when waves return it
then creates an image of the organ or tissue. A sonogram is very useful in examining the heart,
blood vessels, fetus in pregnant women, bladder and the rest of the organs. There are also
specializations for sonography. If a person wants to be a sonographer that deals only with the
abdomen then you can specialize on abdominal sonography. Those who specialize on blood
vessels they are called vascular sonographer’s.

What do a person needs to accomplish before becoming a sonographer?
Sonography education is good for those who have a high school diploma or high school
education. A high school education is needed to those who wanted to be a sonographer
because in high school subjects like biology, anatomy and physics are being taught and is a
preparatory for a sonography course. Next step, one needs to undergo a sonography course in
sonography schools. Sonography schools offer vocational, associate and baccalaureate degrees.
Vocational and associate degrees are usually completed after two years while a baccalaureate
degree for four years. Sonography schools include programs and courses in ethics, patient care,
physiology and a lot more. Licensure is not required but having a certification will prove that a
person is proficient and has the skills needed. Certified sonographer’s can focus in specific areas
and specialize on it. They can choose from vascular sonography to obstetric and gynecologic
sonography. These are the steps for a person to be a certified sonographer. A sonographer
works in hospitals, ob\gyne clinis or private clinics. The average work of sonographer’s is 40
hours a week. If one wants to earn more, then overtime hours are available.

How much monetary compensation does one need to expect? Sonographer’s
may have a salary that is enough for them. Sonographer salary is dependent on certain factors.
If a person is a specialized sonographer then he is paid more compared to a general
sonographer. Salary also depends on the location of the work and the work experiences. First
timers should expect a salary around $22 per hour while those having more work experience
can earn up to $35 per hour.

Dialysis Technical Career Overview

Do you know that more than 20 million Americans, one in nine adults has chronic kidney disease, and most don’t even know it? More than 20 million others are at increased risk. This is often due to sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet which causes the kidneys to malfunction. Once the kidney doesn’t work well, the whole body and other organs are affected. In order to replace the work of the kidney such as removing of waste and excess fluids from the blood, dialysis is done.

The dialysis technician or also known as hemodialysis technician or nephrology technician play an important role in the care for the dialysis patient. It’ main responsibility is to operate, clean, and sterilize the machine. The dialysis technician should also make sure of the safety of both himself and the patient because dialysis involves exposure to blood, so the technician should be alert of the standard precautions of preventing blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV-AIDS. Patient’s needs, comfort, and privacy are at the most concern not only for the dialysis technician but also to all healthcare providers.

The dialysis technician is under the supervision of the physician in the hospital or in the kidney facility. Only the physician could give or make orders. The dialysis technician, as well as the nurses are the ones who take care of the dialysis patient before, during, and after the procedure. Dialysis technicians work in tertiary hospitals and some private companies which provides care for renal failure patients.

A requirement for an applicant to train as a dialysis technician is to have a high school diploma. Universities, colleges, and some vocational centers offer such training. In the end, the trainee will be given a certificate. Dialysis technicians train on the job, and use the nurse as their mentor. Having a background about machines or any mechanical ability is a great advantage.
Dialysis technicians work 40 hours per week with an annual salary of $25,682.00 to $32,413.00. Salaries depend on conditions such as education or training, experience, and certifications. Continuous training and seminars are done, which dialysis technicians should attend annually in order to maintain their profession. This is because of the ongoing modernization and changes in technology. Advancements are possible with further training, education, and as experience grows. They could be promoted as chief technician or possibly as biomedical equipment technicians.

The question is, do you have what it takes to be a dialysis technician? If yes, then don’t waste any time and train to become one. This field is so interesting and challenging. Helping those who are in need while earning a good amount of money is a great achievement. On the other hand, if you are weighing the dialysis technician salary against another health care career, it is advisable to research the salaries before you make your final decision. It’s important to have all of your facts before you enroll in college or a trade school since educational requirements will differ between career choices.

Respiratory Therapy Career Oppurtunities

Consider Respiratory Therapy for your occupation. You may find that this profession gives you personal satisfaction, steady work, room for advancement, and a decent median income. In addition, it does not take a whole lot of schooling to get started. There is not a lot of competition in the job market either. If you are interested in a job in a specialized area of health care, this may be the job for you.

You can get a 2 year degree from an accredited college or university. With this associate’s degree you will have the Certified Respiratory Therapist credential. Some of the courses that are required will be anatomy, physiology, chemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, and physics. This will put you in the running for entry level positions in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. Once you start looking for work, I think you will be happy to find that there are plenty of jobs available for Respiratory Therapists. The ratio of jobs is much higher than that of RTs looking for work. There is a 21 percent increase in Respiratory Therapy job expectations for the future. That is an amazing prospect compared to the expectations for most of the general workforce!

Job Demand is a factor that will greatly determine how much money you can expect to earn annually as a respiratory therapist. There are actually many other factors that will determine the average respiratory therapist salary as well. Some of these factors include you previous (if any) jod experience level, schooling, job location, as well as geographic location. Keep in mind that continued education is a great way to increase your annual income. Pay is relevant to the factors mentioned and you are the only one who can determine how your career will support you and your family.

If you decide to get a 4 year bachelor’s degree, you will earn the Registered Respiratory Therapist credential. This will also require 2 more exams. But with this credential you can move into advanced areas of the profession. You could go into supervisory or management positions. Another area of advancement might be going from general care to work with the critically ill. Or you could enter upon the home health region of the field. There are so many possibilities!

As a Respiratory Therapist you will diagnose the patient’s condition, decide which treatment is best suited for the situation, and guide the patient’s progress. You should be prepared to help patients with their emotional needs as well.

Your patients could range from newborns to the elderly. Just think of all the different lung problems people could have. You might think of chronic asthma or emphysema from smoking. But what about pre-mature babies that have under developed lungs or aging people with diseases like stroke or heart attack which affect the lungs. Also there are so many accidents that occur that could cause injury to the lungs.

You could be ready to perform the diagnostic tests and help decide what needs to be done to correct the critical situation that these patients have found themselves in. There is a growing need for Certified Respiratory Therapists and for Registered Respiratory Therapists. Look for a college or university in your locality that offers coursework and a degree for Respiratory Therapy and ask yourself if this is an area that you could work in. Could you imagine saving lives every day? A person cannot live if that person cannot breathe.